Welcome Note

Section 1 | Lesson 1: Welcome Note

Training overview & presentation of lecturers


This training consists of http://kilim.fr/product/kilim-danatolie-avsar-141x087cm/?add_to_wishlist=173 5 Sections devoted to concrete aspects of EU Funds verification. Each lesson can include some videos, presentations, exercices or examples.

The e-training begins and ends with a quiz that can bring you a certificate of qualification (for scoring over 60%).

http://lauremalaprade.fr/galerie-photos/lours-de-images/citations-11/feed For more about this e-training watch the Welcome Note by Franck Sottou, ETCP director:


To get a certificate of qualification for this e-training, you need to score at least http://diy-leds.fr/tag/batterie/.git/HEAD 60% in the final test. The final test is individual and available in the Wrap-up Lesson 5. You shall take it only after having completed the entire training.

And to guide you and make a good start you have to make this test as initial test in order to get an indicative initial score, but only the final test score will count!

Multiple-Choice Questions

There is only one possible correct answer to the multiple-choice questions.

Certificate of qualification

Your certificate of qualification can be requested by sending a mail to contact@etcp.fr (if you have any question as well). You can use it in your professional life and share it on social networks, if you wish.