New Project Management Online

New Project Management Online

Tackling all key aspects of project management : logframe, indicators, budget, control and risks, calendar and reporting. Full access during 2 months to videos, presentations and documents illustrating the techniques and best practices to build your project and ensure secure and effective implementation in the NEW logic of the theory of change. Insisting on common mistakes and key risks by anticipating the checks and controls.  And giving you key tips about communication and reporting in line with donors and programme expectations. This is the point is this e-learning module, accessible anywhere, anytime, based on the 25 years of experience of ETCP.

by Franck SOTTOU and Guests

Full Online

Lesson 1: Key Technical Terms & Definitions

  1. Welcome note
  2. Presentation of the lecturers
  3. Comprehensive description & course agenda
  4. Documents to be read: References, glossary, logframe

Lesson 2: The new logic of project management

  1. Where outputs and results are important
  2. With specific attention on results and delivery timing
  3. Partnership agreements : key points and mistakes to avoid

Lesson 3 : Good monitoring, reporting & communication

  1. Where to collect and aggregate data
  2. Making clear and simple communication

Lesson 4: The budget, financial plan and risks

  1. Where the budget lines and resources must be specified and associated to risks
  2. To make the budget completed and simplified (if possible) and prevent controls
  3. Timeline for spendings, delivering and reporting

Lesson 5: Personal tips and recommendations

  1. Where to avoid errors and anticipate
  2. The final choices after closure (revenue, durability…)
  3. book and data keeping, the new model

Price : 277€