Stronger Simplification-2022

Walking through all procedures, tools and costs to make it really happen (SCO, IT, selection, control and application package)

SCOs are in the air but at what conditions and under what surveillance ? This training is the occasion to screen all the options and requirements to integrate it in Programmes based on ex-ante discussions with auditors, in calls and in projets to allow full simplification and security for both Authorities and Beneficiaries. This seminar offers also the possibility to tackle in details the possible application and precise calculations and related risks for soft and hard interventions in relation with key results and outputs (and not only inputs) based on the latest guidances and best practices of simplification of programming, selecting, contracting, verifying and monitoring projects. 

by Franck SOTTOU and guests

2-day 21-22 September Seminar in Roma

Key elements:

  • Specific focus on success conditions and best practices:
    • Simple lump sums : pros and cons and specific deliverables
    • New application to staff, equipment and investment costs in line with indicators
    • Calculation of unit costs
      • Data collection and up-date (historical, statistical and tailor-made)
    • Risks management
  • Specific focus on thematic examples following participant’s profile and expectation (examples):
    • Training and education
    • Support to businesses / start-ups
    • Health
    • Research and development
    • Energy efficiency
    • Fight against poverty
    • Migration, security and border controls
    • Local infrastructures
  • Integration of SCO from Programme level to project level
    • CPR and funds-related guidance
    • Template for approval and follow-up

Agenda Seminar

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