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ETCP offers you a full range of e-training including full online modules and webinars on demand

You can start by testing our first lesson on Results-oriented Management (ROM)

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Equivalent to a 1-day face-to-face training, this online training includes 5 lessons devoted to concrete aspects of the results-based management of EU funds. All lessons include 2 topics: videos, presentations, case studies and quizzes.

On-the-job training based on concrete examples. The training ends with a test that gives you a certificate of qualification (to score at least 60%).

Available anytime, anywhere online, on your electronic devices with a possibility to follow it during working hours, getting approval from your supervisor (specific authorization).

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Your e-Training at a Glance

Results-oriented Management (ROM)

Lesson 1 : Key Technical Terms & Definitions ; Presentation of the old/new Logframes

Lesson 2 : Outputs in concrete ; Results in concrete
Lesson 3 : The old/new EU strategies & common indicators
Lesson 4 : Baseline & Targets ; Milestones
Lesson 5 : Monitoring efficiency ; Monitoring effectiveness

Learning objectives


Understanding traditional and new intervention logic (Theory of Change);
Managing EU Funds more efficiently and effectively at programme & project level;
Improving definition and identification of results targets & indicators;
Developing your results monitoring and evaluation skills;
Tackling concrete situations

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