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Full online Results-oriented Management (ROM)

Lesson 1 : Key Technical Terms & Definitions ; Presentation of the old/new Logframes

Lesson 2 : Outputs in concrete ; Results in concrete
Lesson 3 : The old/new EU strategies & common indicators
Lesson 4 : Baseline & Targets ; Milestones
Lesson 5 : Monitoring efficiency ; Monitoring effectiveness

Webinar on Demand

You can register a group for a 1-day training

You can choose the topic, date and number of participants!

The participants get access to the Training material and a live presentation including interactive chat / questions

The participants get at the end a Certificate of attendance & qualification


  1. Making programming more Results-based
  2. Integrating Secure Simplified Cost Options
  3. Setting up full Risks management System
  4. Adapting State aid to Emergency situation



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We keep face to face trainings for the study-visits and exchange of practices between participants


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