Faster Selection and Checks for Appraisal and Verification officers (New)

Organising transition from activities to outputs-based and results-oriented approach

by Franck SOTTOU and Inga MOISIEJUTE

On-demand 2-day Face-to-Face Seminar about faster and secure Selection, Appraisal and Verification in the context of the new financial control

Key elements:

  • Lesson from the past: key irregularities and fraud, key alerts from auditors, key obstacles, key steps to ensure fast and secure payments to beneficiaries (process and content)
  • Responsibilities and division of tasks between Selection, Appraisal and Verification
  • Linking in a better way ex-ante and ex-post checks (including Public procurement)
  • The different options for selection (competitive / non competitive)
  • The scoring of proposals and final selection
  • Specific issues about beneficiaries/recipients/outputs and results
  • Using better tools : new checklists
  • The content of grant contracts
  • Identifying the right and important indicators
  • Dealing with bottlenecks for the solution of irregularities: investigations, audits and checks
  • Ensuring sound prevention, detection & corrections
  • Improving sampling methods
  • Adjusting the Management & Control system.

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