The New Financial Control

How to prevent, detect and correct errors in an efficient and effective manner? That’s the point of the seminar : not to be lost in details and save time and energy to cope with the biggest mistakes and to ensure full prevention with beneficiaries. This is the first step to get reasonable assurance and to mitigate the risk of financial correction.   

by Franck SOTTOU and Inga MOISIEJUTE

1-day Live Webinar from 9 am to 3pm on ETCP platform about Management and Control


3-day Face-to-Face Seminar about the New Financial Control + hybrid option (Live Webinar at the same time)

Key elements:

  • Integration of Auditors and EC reports to improve prevention, detection and correction of errors and irregularities based on concrete examples and reports
  • Specific focus on most common and frequent errors:
    • making clear distinction between errors and irregularities
    • making clear decisions about corrections
    • Sampling operations and costs
    • introducing risks management for Public procurement, state aid, staff costs;
    • tackling the question of suspected fraud ;
  • Ensuring better professional judgement and correction with beneficiaries
  • Specific case studies about:
    • Staff costs
    • Simplified Costs options
    • Suspected Fraud
    • Public procurement and state aid
    • Grant Contract requirements and changes
    • Indicators for outputs and results
    • Checklists and reports

Agenda Face-to-Face 

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