October in Dubrovnik: New Study Visit about on the spot checks

Control and on-the-spot checks
4 intensive days in Dubrovnik

19-22 October 2020, Dubrovnik

Key elements:

  • Looking for errors and irregularities in a more effective way
  • Presenting new guidance for on-the-spot checks
  • Looking to the best practices for detecting and correcting errors
  • Getting key alerts about possible irregularities
  • Linking in a better way ex-ante / ex-post / desk-based / on-the-spot checks
  • Making clear distinction between 1st and 2nd level checks
  • Focusing on checklist and specific justifications of errors
  • Insisting on correction of errors and dialogue with beneficiaries
  • Visits on-the-spot (one hard, one soft operation)
  • One cohesion dinner

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