Verification and Monitoring : how to make it more simple and secure altogether?

4 intensive days to improve Monitoring and Control based on concrete examples and to anticipate the design of new Management&Control systems. This Seminar is the occasion through study visits/cases to see all the evolution of Verification and Monitoring officers’ job for both “soft” and “hard” interventions. A panel of experts and auditors will present their techniques, tools and checklists with a specific discussion about the type and level of corrections and possible reporting. How to make it fair and proportionate ? And how to make reports more illustrated and comprehensive in the context of performance-based management. A good occasion to simplify and in the meantime to make more secure checks.

by Franck SOTTOU and Guests

4-day Face-to-Face Seminar

24-27 May 2022 in Dubrovnik

Key elements:

  • Looking for errors and irregularities in a more effective way
    • feedbacks from desk-based checks
    • planning of controls / sampling methods
  • Presenting new guidance for risks based checks
    • specific questions and checklists
    • reporting techniques
  • Looking to the best practices for coupling technical and financial checks
    • new accountability at operation level
    • linking ex-ante and ex-post checks
  • Getting key alerts about deliverables and indicators
    • key and specific data to be collected
  • Linking in a better way ex-ante / ex-post / desk-based / on-the-spot checks
    • Making clear distinction between 1st and 2nd level checks
    • Focusing on checklist and specific data collection
  • Insisting on dialogue with beneficiaries
  • Visits on-the-spot or case studies – in line with covid situation (one hard, one soft operation)
  • One cohesion dinner


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