Control and on-the-spot checks study visit (NEW)

4 intensive days onsite to improve checks on the spot based on concrete examples. this Seminar is the occasion through study visits and presentation to make more specific and effective the controls on the spot for both “soft” and “hard” interventions. A panel of experts and auditors will present their techniques and checklists with a specific discussion about the type and level of corrections possible. How to make it fair and proportionate ? And how to make visits on the spot an instrument of prevention of errors and irregularities.

by Goran ZAKANJI and Guests

2-day Live Webinar from 9 am to 3pm on ETCP platform

4-day Face-to-Face Seminar onsite

Key elements:

  • Looking for errors and irregularities in a more effective way
    • feedbacks from desk-based checks
    • planning of controls / sampling methods
  • Presenting new guidance for on-the-spot checks
    • specific questions and checklists
    • reporting techniques
  • Looking to the best practices for detecting and correcting errors
    • distinction errors / irregularities
    • justifications from beneficiaries
  • Getting key alerts about possible irregularities
    • key and specific errors to be detected on the spot
  • Linking in a better way ex-ante / ex-post / desk-based / on-the-spot checks
    • Making clear distinction between 1st and 2nd level checks
    • Focusing on checklist and specific justifications of errors
  • Insisting on correction of errors and dialogue with beneficiaries
  • Visits on-the-spot (one hard, one soft operation)
  • One cohesion dinner

Agenda and Dates