ETCP face-to-face trainings take place all over Europe and in Partner Countries on-demand

Our Methodology

Our trainings are focused on practical dimensions of EU Funds management. They are delivered by international experts and practitioners to groups with a limited number of participants, we facilitate exchange of experience and good practices between Member States. To maintain the learning curve steep, we keep our learners engaged through:

  • Presentations of practical examples
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Peer-learning discussions
  • Final test that can bring you a certificate of qualification

Our Participants

Our objective is to improve professional qualifications of those who manage EU and public Funds at project or programme level. Focused on efficient, effective and results-oriented management, we offer trainings and specific support primarily to public bodies managing EU Funds (ESIF, Horizon2020, IPA, ENI) in EU Member States and neighbourhood countries:

  • Managing Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies
  • Certification Authorities
  • Audit Authorities

Upcoming Trainings

Stronger Simplification

21-22 September 2023, Roma Walking through all procedures, tools and costs to make concrete simplifications Join us to: assess the success conditions of SCO : indicators, calculations and data collection,

7 ways to improve your Project and Programme management (new)

5 days to discover with us in Paris all the key aspects of EU funds management (project and programme). From the basic definitions about operation, outputs and results to the

Better reporting, monitoring and evaluation skills (new)

Making sound reports and evaluations from activities to outputs, results and impact with digital and participatory solutions High-level discussion about the best and future practices of Monitoring, reporting and evaluation

Errors, Irregularities & Fraud | Control & Annual Closures | Sustainable Development & Circular Economy | Competition Rules: State Aid, Public Procurement | SCO & Financial Instruments | Transeuropean Cooperation (ETC, IPA, ENI) | 5-day EU Funds management A-Z | Agriculture & Rural Development | Indicators & Monitoring | Sustainable Urban Development | Sampling | Simplification | Gender Equality | Territorial & Integrated Development