The Vision of Achievements with greater indicators (new)

Gaining experience about the use of indicators and visualisation of results

Practical presentation about the best use of visuals and graphics to improve the use of indicators and reporting

A good occasion to tackle and improve the stakeholders’ participation and visibility on the ground of EU funds

3-day Face-to-Face Seminar

Barcelona 16-18  October 2024

Learning objective

  • Looking for more simple, specific and relevant use of indicators at all stages
  • Making better presentation of the results using visuals and graphics

Learning points

  • Presenting new guidances for monitoring and evaluation
  • Using graphic design techniques and tools
  • Looking to the best practices for mixing specific and common indicators
  • Making better presentation of baselines and targets
  • Linking in a better way monitoring and communication
  • Linking in a better way monitoring and verification
  • Linking in a better way project and programme management
  • Focusing on data collection at project and programme level
  • Improving stakeholders’ involvement
  • Insisting on visibility and impact of the ground for all citizens

Special points

  • Case studies per thematic
  • Specific recommendations about use of visuals and graphics
  • Specific attention paid to the quality and consistency of data in IT systems
  • Specific exercises about communication and use of videos
  • Specific propositions about presentation of your results

Full Agenda

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