The Secrets of Absorption of EU funds (new)

Getting all the tips and good practices to foster spendings in a simple and secure way

3-day face-to-face Seminar 25-27 September in Roma

Based on the best practices and recent Guidance, to get ready to spend 2021-2027 EU funds based on Reasonable Assurance and to integrate all the novelties of 2021-27 Risk-based Verification Methodology, we will focus on:

Learning objective

  • Making quick wins for better absorption and payment
  • Keeping the control on the risks and error rate
  • Shifting from spendings to investment and value for money approach

Learning points

  • To create fast lanes and ready-to-use schemes
  • To focus on the key issues to ensure the annual closure of operations and programme
  • To tackle in concrete the identification of generic / specific risks
  • To reduce the burdens at all stages (from application to verification through contracting)
  • To introduce and reinforce the use of SCOs in a secure way
  • To set up a full action plan of mitigation actions / corrections
  • To integrate financial and territorial instruments
  • To improve on-the-spot checks and data collection with beneficiaries
  • To ensure full reporting to EC about performance and absorption

Special points

  • Specific attention to Appraisal and Ex-ante analysis of projects
  • Lecture, practical examples
  • Case studies

The Venue in Rome


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