State aid, Public Procurement and PPP

Respecting competition rules is one of the key condition of successful implementation of EU funds. But these rules are not only rules, it’s full concept in the respect of criteria, logic and cases. Our experienced lecturers will present you these rules through numerous case studies and up-date your knowledge with the most recent reforms and will put in context of reform of the Management and Control systems including risks-management.

2-day Face-to-Face Seminar onsite / online on demand

Key elements:

  • Competition rules in the context of Emergency Package and new schemes
  • Specific focus on PP rules :
    • Selection, award criteria, weighing systems, specifications and standards
    • Contract amendment & Monitoring requirements
    • Abnormally Low Price / Incomplete Tenders / Material Change
    • COCOF guidelines for public procurement irregularities
    • Clear distinction between PP & PPP
    • Typical irregularities in public procurement
    • Artificial splitting and artificial unification
    • new trends in PP
    • red flags for fraud
    • case studies and polls
  • Specific focus on State Aid rules :
    • – Tempory mechanisms
      – Potential errors and irregularities
      – Specific support to SME
      – Specific support to Health sector
    • Examples of checklists and controls on-the-spot (appraisal and verification)
    • Systemic errors
    • New trends in Notified Schemes
    • Full possibilities of GBER
    • Application in concrete of SSGI / SGEI
    • Dangerous De Minimis!
  • Risks-management : scoring and sampling of operations and costs

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